Line Laagasken lives in a small town in Norway on a farm with her family. In 2020, Line started sharing photos and videos from her everyday life with horses on social media. It was the beginning of an exciting journey. Here you get to follow the family in a fun and sometimes educational way. They are not like everyone else. "We inspire you to train in a different way and to have fun"

Line says; For several years I have struggled with pain while riding. I have tried several different underwear, riding breeches and sheepskin in the saddle to see if it helps. Unfortunately, that did not solve my problem.

One day I was on a trailride with a lady. She saw that I was in pain and asked if everything was ok. I told her my problem and then she said I should try to ride with cycling pants. The next day I went to buy a pair of cycling pants. She was right. It was comfortable!
I rode for a long time with my cycling pants. But it was really too slippery to ride with so therefore I started looking for riding pants with padding online, but I found nothing.

I had to solve my own problem. I started to make my first prototype. I cut out the padding from the cycling pants and sewed it on a pair of riding pants I had in the closet. My very first prototype worked exactly the way I wanted! It was like riding with cycling pants with the function of riding breeches. The feeling was amazing.

The padding can easily be taken in and out as desired. Inside the breeches there is a thin pocket intended for the padding.
This is a relatively simple product based on ordinary riding breeches with custom padding.
The breeches have been thoroughly tested in all branches of equestrian sports by several different riders in any level.
Line follows up every single product from start to finish. Everything is her ideas and her designs. Nothing is accidental, every detail is carefully planned.