The perfect show breeches with detachable padding.

Full seat show breeches with detachable padding. The padding allows equestrians to ride more comfortable.

Get longer endurance, ride more comfortably, avoid chafing and irritation. The padding also helps against tail and seat bone injuries.

The padding is a fantastic aid.

The perfect show breeches! High-quality and maximum support and comfort. Made with our popular silicone grip.

Our goal

Is for you to ride more comfortably. The riding breeches with padding are recommended by physiotherapists and chiropractors.

Perform at your best. When it comes to equestrian sports, the focus is largely on the horse's health, durability and performance. But it is also extremely important to focus on the rider's health

Use the riding breeches with or without the padding. Inside the breeches there is a thin pocket for the padding. Without the padding, the breeches is like a normal riding breeches.  


Why padding?

Many riders struggle with a bad seat, because they are unable to sit properly due to pain. You are not alone, this is completely normal. 

The padding is for all equestrians. Those with pain and those without. The padding provides fantastic comfort and you do not lose the contact with the horse. 

If you don't want to use the padding, you can easily take the padding out and use the breeches like regular breeches. 


Worldwide shipping

All the orders are packed and sent from our farm here in Norway. We ensure fast and safe delivery.